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Has anyone else noticed the apparent similarities between Lembas and Hostess Twinkies? Please consider the following:

1) Both are lightly-baked cakes with creme filling.

2) Both are hermetically-sealed in some type of wrapper (mallorn leaf for lembas and malleable plastic leaf for Twinkies).

3) Both will remain fresh if their wrapping remains unbroken (in fact, Twinkies are reputed to have a shelf-life of several million years either in or out of their wrapping).

Are lembas an early prototype for the modern-day Twinkies? Any and all comments are welcome.

All golden Twinkies do not glitter,
Not all consumed Twinkies are tossed;
The old that is preserved does not wither,
Their yellow-dyed color is not lost.

In the stomach a fire shall be woken,
A Tums from the bottle shall spring,
Renewed shall be revulsion unbroken,
Hostess cakes again are the thing.
- B. Baggins characterizing an insidious plot by Sauron to poison the denizens of Middle-earth (from "The Council of Elrond", the unpublished tapes).
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On the other hand, Gimli said that lembas tastes good...